USA Plasgad Factory

Heaterk supplied a complete piping system insulation solution to the Plasgad food factory in the USA.

Before that, the foam rubber insulation technology adopted by Plasgad had a heat loss rate of 7%. After contacting Heaterk several times and modifying the plan, the successfully installed new composite insulation material reduced the heat loss rate to 3%, and the energy efficiency ratio improved significantly. Improve and enhance the stability and safety of the pipeline system.

The scheme adopted by Heaterk in this project is as follows:

The inner layer of the pipeline in the low-temperature section is made of silicone fiberglass fabric to prevent the steam generation

The pipes in the high-temperature section are made of vermiculite-coated glass fiber fabric, which uses the water absorption of the material to prevent water vapor.

The outer layer is made of aluminum foil glass fiber insulation blanket, which reduces thermal conductivity and reflects heat radiation at the same time.

The joints of the piping system are protected by Heaterk's custom detachable insulating sleeve, which is made of silicone fiberglass fabric on the outside and high silicone fabric on the inside.