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What is Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Fabric?

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Aluminum Foil Glass Fiber Fabric

heat reflective fabric

Introduction of Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Fabric:

Aluminum Foil Glass Fiber Fabric is a unique composite material combined with aluminum foil and glass fiber fabric through a composite process.

The Aluminum foil glass fiber fabric is a heat-reflecting fabric that combines aluminum foil and glass fiber through lamination technology.

This fabric has the advantages of a smooth surface, high heat reflectivity, the high tensile strength of warp and weft, flame retardant, etc. Due to its excellent thermal insulation, fire retardant and flame retardant capabilities are widely used in pipeline sealing, air conditioning systems, building insulation, and other fields.

Features of aluminum foil fiberglass cloth:

heat reflective clothing fabric

1. It has good high-temperature resistance performance: through the ability of aluminum foil to deal with heat radiation (97% thermal reflectivity) and the extremely low thermal conductivity of glass fiber, the advantages of the two are combined to make aluminum foil glass fiber in ASTM-D-6413.

The temperature resistance can reach 149 °C (+300 °F ) under the 6413 standard. And glass fiber can get a temperature resistance of 550 ° C, although aluminum foil is not good at facing the flame directly. However, aluminum will only melt after absorbing heat for a certain period so that it can withstand a maximum temperature of 660 ° C in a short time.

2. Has excellent tensile strength: Under the ASTM-D-5035 standard, the aluminum foil glass fiber fabric can withstand a high power of 250 lbs/inch 44.72kg/cm; relying on the excellent tensile strength of glass fiber, this heat reflective clothing Fabric can take on more harsh environments.

3. Excellent sealing performance: The excellent sealing performance of aluminum foil makes it can be used as a sealing and thermal insulation material such as air ducts, HVAC, etc.

4. Excellent corrosion resistance: Whether it is aluminum foil or glass fiber, it does not react to acid and alkali liquids, so in the chemical industry, aluminum foil is also widely used, such in medicine, chemical industry, and other industries.

5. Excellent sound insulation performance: The aluminum foil composite glass wool further reduces the thermal conductivity and improves the product's thermal insulation performance. This aluminum foil glass blanket is very suitable for building thermal insulation material.

6. Lower cost: Compared with the traditional aluminum foil-coated fiberglass cloth, the composite process improves the performance of the product on the one hand and reduces the cost of the product on the other hand because the adhesive used in the coating process is often only It can withstand temperature up to 130 ℃, so it has a significant influence on the overall performance of aluminum foil fabric, and the composite technology solves this problem.


1. Air conditioner/HVAC: Relying on thermal insulation performance, corrosion resistance, and heat reflection ability, it can save energy loss in the temperature control system.

2. Duct Tape: The aluminum foil glass fiber fabric used as a backing material can also be used as an aluminum foil tape.

3. Building sound insulation materials: Through the cooperation of aluminum foil and glass fiber cotton, both thermal insulation and flame retardant functions are considered. For more information on aluminum foil insulation, see here >>《Aluminium Foil Fibreglass Insulation or Fibreglass? Just Read This Article》

4. Fireproof clothing: Through heat reflection and a glass fiber insulation layer, most of the heat in the fire field is isolated to ensure personnel safety.

5. Engine parts: Insulate the core heat dissipation parts of the vehicle to ensure that the car can run smoothly for a long time.

6. Other fields.

The above is a detailed explanation about the aluminum foil glass fiber fabric; check the high-quality aluminum foil glass fiber or contact us; Heaterk is always at your service.

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