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Heaterk Launches Ceramicized Silicone Fiberglass Fabric

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Author : Heaterk
Update time : 2022-08-25 16:29:17
Ceramicized Silicone Fiberglass Fabric
Using calendering technology, the ceramicist silicone rubber is combined with electronic-grade glass fibre fabric (E-Glass), which significantly strengthens the material's fire resistance, high-temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other properties. The ceramic silicon rubber fibreglass cloth has high-temperature protection performance above 450℃. Conventional materials will dissolve at high temperatures, although they will not burn, and if used on wire harnesses, the wire harness cannot be protected. When the ceramicist silica gel reaches the melting point, the outer layer will form a hard shell to protect the standard transmission of the cable. Therefore, ceramicist silicone fabrics are often used in the field of cable protection in industries such as new energy automobile manufacturing, chemical industry, and electronics factories.
ceramicist silicone rubber fiberglass fabric
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