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Insulation Blanket Guide

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An insulation blanket is a covering made of multi-layer insulation material, which minimizes the original temperature loss through the high R-Value, and can also be coated or laminated. Provides electrical insulating properties.

Insulation blanket

Insulation Performance of Insulation Blanket

It is the material that determines the performance of the insulation blanket, and the standard for evaluating the material's performance generally uses the R-value (thermal resistance per unit area). The following are the R values of various materials, which can be used as a reference for selecting materials.

Aluminum foil: The R-value is only 1.0 or 1.1, but note that aluminum foil has excellent heat reflection ability; if the heat radiation reflection ability is used to conduct 97% of the heat reflection back to the object, the thermal insulation performance can be significantly increased.

Fiberglass: 3.1–3.4 per inch of thickness

Ceramic fiber: 2.27 per inch of thickness

Electrical Insulation

Electrical Insulation

In many unique industries, such as electronics factories, power plants, automobile manufacturing, power transmission, and other sectors, there is a very high demand for electrical insulation in addition to ensuring materials' thermal insulation properties.

In these industries, high-performance insulation blanket material with dimensional stability and good dielectric properties are preferred. When the material must be exposed to outdoor locations for a long time, properties such as weather and water and oil resistance are also essential.

We will teach you the details of thermal and electrical insulation through industry applications.

Application Areas of Thermal Blankets

Aircraft & Hot Tub

When the aircraft is flying at a high altitude, the working temperature is often -62°F, and the insulation material needs to ensure that the temperature inside the plane will not be lost to the outside world, which is very similar to the environment of water heater insulation.

Whether it is household or aerospace, flame retardant performance is the most crucial point. Therefore, aluminum foil glass fiber cotton is the most suitable material; Heaterk's glass fiber material meets (BMS) BMS8-377 Ty I & II, Cl 1 and BMS8 -48 Ty III, Cl 2, Gr A standard, and is fully flame retardant, sound insulation.

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welding Blanket

A welding Blanket is generally made of high-silica fabric. Compared with general fire-retardant and flame-retardant insulation materials, electric welding and other industries have much higher requirements for instantaneous high-temperature resistance than available high-temperature applications. The spark of electric welding can often reach 1300°F.

The immediate high-temperature resistance of high-silica fiberglass fabrics can go 2000°F, and high-silica also has high mechanical properties and strong weather resistance.

Pizza Oven

pizza ovens

In the past few decades, the domes of pizza ovens were made of vermiculite-coated fiberglass cloth or perlite. Today, new materials: ceramic fiber fabrics, perfectly replace the previous materials: r value and temperature resistance up to 2035°F.

Ceramic fiber cloth

Ceramic fiber blankets are resistant to chemical corrosion, acid, and alkali and are lighter in weight. These characteristics make it the mainstream thermal insulation and flame retardant material in the next 20 years.

Insulation and Electricity Insulation

Electricity Insulation

In the second section, we mentioned that electrical insulation and power system shielding is critical in various electrical industries. After many years of practice, two products are widely used as insulating materials: silicone-coated fiberglass fabric and PVC-coated fiberglass fabric.

There are many insulating materials, but among products that take into account insulation, weather resistance, and mechanical properties, these two types of products can stand out mainly rely on the water and oil resistance of silicone and PVC and excellent corrosion resistance, which makes them very suitable for the electrical industry. The shielding layer, coupled with the superior fire resistance and flame retardant ability of glass fiber, has been used for a long time.

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Aluminum foil outdoor insulation

Aluminum foil glass fiber cloth is an international emergency life-saving essential product suitable for field exploration, inspection, tourism, and disasters. Easy to carry, small, beautiful, and practical.

When used in a low-temperature environment, it can keep 90% of its heat from dissipating, and the strong reflection makes it easier for rescuers to find it. It is an essential tool for survival in the wild. Adding a layer to the sleeping bag can improve the thermal insulation ability, which greatly benefits the sleeping temperature.

outdoor insulation blankets

If you're looking for a high-quality insulation blanket, why not get in touch with the experts at Heaterks? We are happy to use our expertise to help you find a product that meets your needs.


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