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Is Duct Tape Heat Resistant?

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Duct Tape Heat Resistant Guide

Duct Tape

Whether it is in the industrial or civilian field, or even in the military area, silver sealing tape has been deeply rooted in the people's hearts - Duct Tape, also called "duck tape".
Although the water-resistant and heat resistance properties of Duct Tape have been continuously improved in a large number of uses, however, if you use the wrong Duct Tape, the performance of the tape will often fail to meet expectations.
This duct tape guide will guide you on how to determine the performance of your product in different environments.

1. wide variety of duct tape

Duct tape these days is pretty much the colloquial name for foil tape.
In reality, there are still plenty of non-aluminum foil tapes used for ducts. However, aluminum foil's heat-reflecting and heat-sealing ability ensure that it is the best of all.
Aluminum foil tapes are divided into the following three categories:
Aluminum Foil Tape
Aluminum foil tape: This is a pure aluminum foil tape, which means that compared with other products, the thickness of aluminum foil tape is skinny, it will be easier to wrap and wrap, lower price and good performance make this tape popular Used extensively in odd jobs that do not require a long service life
Aluminum foil fiberglass tape
Aluminum foil fiberglass tape: This is a professional-grade (also called contractor-grade) aluminum foil sealing tape that adds a layer of fiberglass fabric between the aluminum foil and the adhesive. You can also understand it as tapes the material. The choice of adhesive is also higher than that of pure aluminum foil tape so that this tape will be superior in strength, adhesion, and durability.
Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Mesh Tape
Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Mesh Tape: Unlike the fiberglass tape above, this tape uses a thicker fiberglass mesh as the base, and this tape is often used for duct sealing in buildings. Therefore, this tape The life of the video is permanent, and it is fully required to withstand temperature and pressure during use.

2. Aluminum foil tape test standard

Although there are different types of products, the more critical test standard is the other physical properties. The performance of the air duct tape will also be different. The following are the most authoritative test standards for the two types of air duct tape.
ASTM: American Association for Materials and Testing International, this organization has developed a series of rigorous tests for different materials to ensure that materials can meet performance standards in different environments
UL181: Underwriters Laboratory, an authoritative product safety testing organization, its UL181 has launched a series of separate standards for air duct products

3. Aluminum Duct Tape Temperature Resistance

After you figure out the types of tapes and test standards, we can start to figure out how the temperature resistance of different videos is and whether they are the heat-resistant. first, look at the parameters:
Foil Tape: -20 °C to 120 °C
Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Tape: -40 °C to 149 °C
Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Mesh Tape: -40 °C to 149 °C
The above standards are all completed under the ASTM-D-6413 test standard.
You may be wondering why the aluminum foil duct tape, which is known for its top-selling performance, is not as high temperature resistant as you think?
Because of the rubber adhesive.
Although the temperature resistance of aluminum foil can reach 253 degrees Celsius, the temperature resistance of glass fiber is as high as 550 degrees Celsius. However, the performance of the adhesive is limited, and the current global experimental hot melt adhesive can only support the high temperature of 193 ℃, and the price exceeds that of gold.
Therefore, we still recommend that you use duct aluminum tape in an environment of 150°C to ensure the working condition of the adhesive.
4. Selection criteria of duct aluminum tape
So many parameters are bound to make you dizzy, so is there an easier way to determine a high-quality product?
Of course, UL181
For Heat Resistant Duct Tape, products with UL181 certification often represent excellent performance. Our UL181 certified products include aluminum foil tape, aluminum foil fiberglass tape, and aluminum foil fiberglass mesh tape.
Duct Tape has a suitable Heat Resistant, but be careful to use it below 150°C.
But at the same time, choosing the right type of foil tape is also very final.
You are welcome to leave us a message, and we will provide you with a complete set of product information and white papers.
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