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Application of PTFE Membrane

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As a permanent film, PTFE membrane has the advantages of light and free shape, light transmission and energy saving, good safety and long service life, and is widely used in various large buildings. Mainly divided into adventitia and intima, which have significant differences in performance.

PTFE Membrane Material for Outer Membrane

Outer PTFE Membrane Material

PTFE material for the outer membrane is generally mainly used as roof material, canopy material and exterior decoration.

PTFE membrane material for outer membrane

It is used in extensive public facilities such as stadiums, exhibition halls, airport halls, shopping centers, and entertainment centers as a roofing material. For example, the Millennium Dome membrane covering the Thames River in the United Kingdom covers an area of ​​more than 180,000 square meters, which is the largest single membrane structure area; the hanging membrane ditch in the waiting hall of Jeddah Airport in Saudi Arabia covers an area of ​​420,000 square meters; Shanghai, my country, 80,000 square meters People's gymnasium, covering an area of ​​36,000 square meters, is the first time that the membrane structure has been applied to large buildings in my country, with far-reaching influence.

As a canopy material, it is generally used in squares, parks and green spaces, amusement parks, stations and other facilities. As an external decoration, it mainly uses the artistry and moldability of the membrane material. For example, on the Expo axis of the Shanghai World Expo Park, the cable-membrane structure of the Expo axis is by far the largest continuous tension cable-membrane structure in the world. 180m2, with a total expansion area of ​​70,000 square meters, 6 extremely eye-catching inverted cones are distributed in a well-proportioned manner, a beautiful Expo Park landscape.

PTFE Membrane Material for Inner Membrane

PTFE membrane material for the inner membrane is mainly used as sound absorption and sound insulation material, and its requirements in terms of mechanical properties are lower than that of the outer membrane.

The most typical project is the Bird's Nest, the main venue of the National Stadium for the Olympic Games. The PTFE/ETFE structure is adopted. The upper layer is an ETFE membrane structure, which prevents rain and snow; The form absorbs sound and can ensure clear sound in the stadium.

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