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How is PU fiberglass cloth used for road construction?

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Building and construction Prep work

Building and construction Prep work

Pre-construction tools prep work

Total building tools and home appliances o be outfitted before building and construction. The called for mechanical devices mainly consist of warm asphalt splashing.

The lawn sprinkler has a home heating tool, and the nozzle is appropriately refined. When splashing, You should ensure the haze and the quantity of splashing can be human.

Industrial control: geotextile paving tools, which spread out the PU coated fiberglass fabric level, which can be an automated spreader

It can likewise be refined by hand; however, the result of paving needs to make sure that the PU fiberglass cloth is wrinkle-free as well as straight:

Devices: blower, iron roller, brush, clear eye mask, and so on. Push the geotextile to eliminate drifting dirt, slag, and so on.

Bond to warm asphalt, and so on.

Discover, debug and also keep the leading equipment as well as devices to guarantee their stability as well as examine the home appliances


2. Product prep work Key building and construction products: polyester geotextiles, heavy-handed oil, warm asphalt Pre-construction products examination: After the assessment of products fulfills the technological indications, an adequate quantity of examined and also certified geotextiles will be carried to the website; as well as the geotextiles will be supplied to the website. You will prepare the paving website for much less than 200m; before the building and construction, the reheated asphalt is semi-heated, or the reheated asphalt in the asphalt storage tank is made used, and also the fluid recirculated oil warm asphalt is delivered to the website in an asphalt salt water spray vehicle.

3. Fundamental examination as well as approval

Before laying polyester geotextile, execute in-depth recognition and data on the joint seam of the old and brand-new sidewalk base upon the website and note the transverse splits. The signs of the slurry seal are certified; tidy them with cleansing devices. As well as blow the roadway surface area, tidy up the staying rocks or particles in the splicing joints, and use emulsified asphalt or asphalt combination to load the endless pits.

Building And Construction Innovation as well as Approach of Polyester Geotextile

The building and construction procedure of polyester geotextile complies with: surface area cleansing of joints (straight splits) - noting and lofting - splashing warm asphalt sticky oil - leading polyester geotextile - progressing as well as rolling - website traffic control.

1. Cleansing as well as repair work of joints (fractures).

( 1) Before building and construction, tidy up the dirt, loosened bits, and also sundries at the joints of the old as well as brand-new sidewalk bases as well as the transverse splits of the old sidewalk, and tidy the seriously contaminated ones, as well as a spray with emulsified asphalt.

( 2) Degree the sudden and sensitive components when driving surface area. If the roadway surface area is harmed, nicked, or seriously damaged, remove the damaged items and replace them with asphalt products.

( 3) The fracture size between the old and brand-new sidewalks is above 6mm, emulsified asphalt is utilized to permeate the fracture, and the fracture deepness is more than 2cm to be loaded with asphalt product.

( 4) Before splashing a thick layer of oil, You ought to have enough size, except for the erratic areas at the bridgehead, and also, You must maintain the essential building area no much less than 200m.

( 5) Maintain the functional surface area complimentary and also completely dry of dampness. After the rainfall, the roadway surface area should be arid before use.

2. Noting and also lofting.

After the monitoring designer's assessment and approval of the slurry seal, the recommendation line will be established on both sides of the splicing joint and the fracture according to the level of polyester geotextile to be led. Include 5 ~ 10cm on both sides of the slatted story, using lime, and chalk to note it as the placing line for leading polyester geotextile.

3. Spray warm asphalt with sticky oil.

( 1) The paper remains in location. Also, after the devices stay in place, the placement of the geotextile on the brace is corrected, vertical to the joint, to ensure that the entire airplane of the geotextile is maintained in a limited state.

( 2) Use an asphalt spray vehicle to spray warm asphalt sticky oil within the noting series of the brand-new and old roadway surface areas. The side area of putting sticky oil is 5 ~ 10cn more comprehensive than that of polyester geotextiles.

( 3) When splashing warm asphalt with the sticky oil, the building and construction temperature level need to be over five ℃, and also, You ought to maintain the very best temperature level

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