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The Advantages of Aluminum Foil Phenolic Board

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What is an aluminum foil phenolic board?

UL181 Listed Double-sided Aluminum Foil Phenolic Foam Board

A double-sided aluminum foil phenolic insulation board is a phenolic composite air duct, air conditioning, air conditioning panel, and other product names. The aluminum foam board is made of pure metal orange peel-shaped embossed aluminum foil compounded with phenolic foam in the middle. There is no adhesive in the center, only aldehyde resin. The bubbling process is naturally compounded into one. Double-sided aluminum foil phenolic board has the advantages of good decorative performance, sound insulation performance, thermal insulation performance, fire performance, etc. It is widely used in the production of air-conditioning ducts and decorations.

The advantages of aluminum foil phenolic board

The double-sided aluminum foil phenolic sheet has a size of 1200X600X20 mm. The aluminum foil on both sides is made of pure aluminum embossing, so there is no need to consider the flame retardant aspect. The orange peel-shaped embossed aluminum foil has a beautiful appearance and a silver-white color. It has good decorative properties and waterproof and anti-condensation properties. It also has good strength, which can make it have a long-term non-deformation ability and a good anti-oxidation ability when used in air-conditioning ducts, so the double-sided aluminum foil phenolic board has a long service life.

Compared with color steel phenolic board, the advantage of aluminum foil phenolic board is that it is lightweight and has heat reflection ability. Still, at the same time, its shortcomings are also evident. The strength of aluminum foil is far less than that of color steel. Under continuous operation for a long time, the aluminum foil will be damaged, and the leaked phenolic may cause harm to the human body.

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