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The Performance and Characteristics of PTFE Membrane

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Update time : 2022-08-05 17:37:26

In generally coated fabrics, the inner layer's reinforcing base fabric determines the membrane's mechanical properties, and the outer layer's coating material determines the membrane's physical properties. PTFE membrane can not only give full play to the advantages of mechanical properties such as the high strength of glass fiber but also take advantage of physical properties such as aging resistance and self-cleaning properties of PTFE.

PTFE membrane

The following is a summary of Heaterk's properties and characteristics of PTFE.

Good Mechanical Properties

Glass fiber has high tensile strength and low elongation characteristics, so the film has good tensile strength and tears strength, and there is no apparent stress relaxation or creep under long-term load. The general medium-strength PTFE membrane has a thickness of less than 1mm and an areal density of about 1kg/m2, and its tensile strength has reached the level of steel. The sintering process makes the glass fiber cloth and PTFE resin combine well, and the peel strength is very high, and it is almost impossible to peel off.

Good Weather Resistance

Mainly in terms of aging resistance and self-cleaning. Because PTFE has the characteristics of inertness, low friction, and non-stickiness and is hardly attacked by any chemical substances, PFE film has apparent advantages in anti-ultraviolet radiation, acid rain erosion, microbial damage, etc. Its aging resistance in PVC membrane is incomparable.

Regarding self-cleaning properties, the membrane material hardly adheres to any substance; even if there is a small amount of dust and other pollution, it can be cleaned naturally after being washed by rainwater.

Therefore, the PTFE membrane is suitable for permanent membrane, and its service life can reach more than 30 years.

Good Flame Retardant Fire Performance

PTFE has excellent high-temperature resistance, can be used continuously at 240~260 ℃, has significant thermal stability, and glass fiber is not flammable, so the flame retardant and fire resistance of the membrane material can meet the fire protection requirements of building materials in various countries.

At the same time, the PTFE membrane is also resistant to low temperatures and can be used for a long time at -180~260℃.

Light Transmission and Energy Saving

The transmittance of the PTFE membrane to sunlight is 12%~21%, which is generally related to the thickness and weight of the membrane, so the membrane has good light transmittance.

The transmitted light produces a uniform diffused light inside the structure, which is natural and soft. No lighting is required during the day, which can save energy. At night, the exterior glows under the backlight and internal lighting, which makes the shape of the building show a fantastic effect.

Sound Absorption and Sound Insulation Performance

Due to the sound absorption and sound insulation properties of glass fiber fabrics, PTFE membranes generally have good reflectivity for 500~2000Hz audio frequency and absorb low-frequency RHM. In contrast, the absorption is limited for medium and high-frequency RHM, but with other sound-absorbing materials, it has good absorption—sound insulation effect.

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