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What is a Fire Blanket?

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A fire blanket is a textile that stops flames from spreading by suffocation or prevents pets from penetrating, and it can extinguish liquid and grease fires.

So, what knowledge about fire blankets should you not miss? Below we will explain to you one by one.

What is a Fire Blanket?

Fire Blanket

Fire Blankets are a leading concern for fire safety. They are simple to shop as well as made use of as the very first line of protection versus an inceptive fire. Fire protection coverings are made from 2 complex layers of fiberglass textile and an internal layer of fire retardant film.

Fire Blankets can hold up against temperature levels of approximately 1022 ° F( 550 ° C). Extremely efficient by removing the oxygen supply (the fire requires to shed) and producing the fire.

Where Be Will Fireproof Blankets Made Use Of?

Fire Blankets are generally utilized for Course B (combustible fluids), Course F (edible oil), and also Course A (carbonaceous) fires. A fire pit blanket is a highly flame-retardant product used to produce little fires or cover a person ablaze.

Fire Blankets are optimal for combating oil and electric fires that can not be snuffed out with water. They need marginal storage and are frequently kept in cooking areas, resorts, and houses as a backup or supplement to fire extinguishers.

When to Use a Fire Blanket?

Use a Fire Blanket

Fire Blankets have superb suffocation in residential or commercial properties, so they are most appropriate for use in combustible fluids, oil, and electric fires.

At the same time, Fire Blanket can additionally be utilized by acting and covering the body as a thermal barrier. Remember that if your fireproof blankets require touching the body, attempt to pick a covered fire safety blanket, and we will discuss why in the following area.

Which Fire Retardant Blankets is Best for You?

Fire Retardant Blankets

Fiberglass Fireproof Blanket

Fiberglass Fireproof Blanket

Fire Blankets made of woven glass fiber fabric can act as fire protection, not just to secure you from fires but also to safeguard you from high temperatures. They can again endure liquified steel dash up to 1200 ° C, more significant than many residences, workplaces, and commercial fires.

Fiberglass product is made from hairs woven from glass threads wound in a versatile state. The product is suitable fire resistant, in addition to a resistant material, made from a mix of silicone or graphite-coated fiberglass threads. This likewise makes it excellent for incipient fires at heat degrees.

The benefits of fiberglass Fire Blankets are:

  1. The structure is soft and also portable.
  2. Warm resistance is more significant than woolen.
  3. Chemically immune and also durable.
  4. Superb thermal control, as well as fire defense.
  5. Best for fires triggered by fuel, oil, or oil.

The fire retardant blanket made of pure glass fiber is bothersome to the human body, and also, the glass fiber permeates the skin, so we do not advise utilizing it shut to the body.

Coated Fire Blankets

Coated Fire Blankets

Like glass fiber Fire blankets, coated fire blankets work by cutting off the oxygen supply; contrasted to pure glass fiber Fireproof blankets, layered Fireproof blankets supply far better skin-friendliness; also, if the E-Glass digital Quality glass fiber textile can not stay clear of 100% will certainly not puncture the human body.

With the covering technique, the excitement of the glass fiber to the body can stay clear. At the same time, the glass fiber fire-resistant covering is gifted with different attributes such as waterproof, rust resistance, and weather condition resistance.

Heaterk supplies a selection of highly flame-resistant coatings consisting of silicone, acrylic, PU, aluminum foil lamination, and various other coated choices.

Composite Fire Blankets

Composite Fire Blankets

Composite fire retardant blankets typically used in commercial production are made of several layers of fire retardant material.

Composite, the external layer is constructed from silicone-coated glass fiber textile, and also the center is full of different products, which can adjust to various commercial atmospheres.

The concept of the composite fire covering is to reinforce the toughness of the filler via the silicone-coated glass fiber material on the external layer, as well as at the same time include fastenings and reflective strips to adjust to evening building and construction as well as it can be very personalized to adapt to numerous intricate application circumstances.

The composite fire-resistant blanket offered by Heaterk can be full of ceramic fibers, high silica, vermiculite fiberglass fabric, fiberglass woolen, and so on.

Exactly How to Make Use of Fire Covering?

Making use of a fireproof blanket is merely separated right into five actions:

1. When it is secure to do so, transform off the heat source

2. Draw the tape to eliminate the fire covering from the package

3. Maintain the covering in a safe setting and also preferably cover the covering around your hands for defense

4. Place a fire covering over the fire to produce the fire

5. Allow it cool totally and also see to it the fire is entirely out without any possibility of re-ignition


Need to know more about fire protection products? You can also get in touch with the team at Hetaerk, we will be more than happy to assist you.

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