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What is Silicon Carbide Fiber?

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Silicon Carbide Fiber

Silicon carbide fiber is a typical ceramic fiber, and there are two kinds of whiskers and continuous fibers in morphology.

Continuous silicon carbide fibers are divided into two types according to different production methods: a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method of depositing silicon carbide on a continuous tungsten filament or carbon filament core material is an organic composite sintering method. It is heated by organosilane (300~500℃) and pressure-spun into precursors and then sintered at a high temperature of 100-500℃ to form SiC fibers. During sintering, applying a certain tension can make the threads obtain better or ient and prevent the lines from twisting.

The diameter of the fiber obtained by chemical vapor deposition is 95~140um, and the sintering method is 10um.

In the mid-1960s, General technologies first made tungsten core silicon carbide continuous fibers.


In 1972, after the American AVCO company prepared the large-diameter carbon monofilament, it developed a carbon core silicon carbide continuous fiber with better performance and lower cost.


In 1975, Tohoku University of Japan Yajima Sheng used organosilicon polymer-polycarbosilane as a precursor, spun it into fibers, cross-linked at low temperature, and then pyrolyzed at high temperature to obtain high-strength β-silicon carbide fibers.

Nippon Carbon Corporation completed the mass production of continuous silicon carbide fibers at the end of 1983 and is currently an essential manufacturer of sintered silicon carbide fibers.


In 1984, based on Yajima Sheng, Japan's Ube Industrial Co., Ltd. used low-molecular-weight silane compounds and titanium-based compounds as raw materials to synthesize organometallic polymers as precursors. After spinning and precursor sintering, the performance was very superior. Of titanium-containing silicon carbide fibers, "Tyranno."

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