Aluminum Foil Insulation Glass Fiber Blanket

Item No.: 00127
Weight: 10 ~ 20 KG/M³
Thickness: 50~100 mm
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- Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Blankets -

Aluminum Foil Insulation Glass Fiber Blanket
Fiberglass insulation with aluminum foil backing blanket is to fiberglass in a molten state by centrifugal blowing process, and spray the filamentary material made of thermosetting resin and then undergoes thermal curing deep processing, which combines the excellent heat reflection ability of aluminum foil with the high-temperature resistance. The low thermal conductivity of glass fiber wool can be made into a series of products with various uses.
The ultra-long ultra-fine fiber glass wool has the characteristics of no slag balls and thin fibers, which can well confine the air, make it unable to flow, prevent the convective heat transfer of the air, significantly reduce the thermal conductivity of the product, and quickly attenuate the transmission of sound. It has excellent thermal insulation, sound absorption, and noise reduction effect.
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Heat Insulation

The foil-faced insulation fabric roll has high-temperature thermal stability, durability, and the ability to resist high-temperature shrinkage.

Fiberglass insulation with aluminum backing can maintain safety, stability, and high performance for a long time within the recommended operating temperature range and under normal working conditions while reducing heat loss.


The fibers inside the glass wool are fluffy and interlaced, and there are a lot of tiny pores. It is a typical porous sound-absorbing material and has good sound-absorbing properties.


Tested by European standards EN13162:2012/AC:2005 and BG8624-2012 standards, Heaterk ultra-long microfiber glass wool is a non-combustible grade A material.

- Various Types of Fiberglass Insulation Foil Facing -

Grid Glass Fiber Reinforced Aluminum Foil

Glass Fiber Reinforced Aluminum Foil

Tri-directional Fiberglass Mesh

Glass Fiber Reinforced Ceramic Fiber

Bold Tri-directional Fiberglass Mesh

Plain Weave Glass Fiber Reinforced Aluminum Foil

Data Sheet

- Performance Parameters -

Safe Use Temperature -120℃-400℃
Thermal Conductivity ≤0.0.042w/m.h.℃
Combustion Performance
Sound Absorption Coefficient
1.03 Product Mixing Method 24kg/m200hz

- Specification -

Bulk Density 10-72kg/m³
Thickness 25-150mm
Length 3m-20m
Width 1200mm
Bulk Density 24-74kg/m³
Fiber Diameter <8μm
Centrifugal Glass Wool Felt Bulk Density 10-32 Kg/m³
Thermal Conductivity of Centrifugal Glass Wool Felt 0.038w/m.h.℃
Centrifugal Glass Wool Felt Specifications Width 1200mm, Length 11mm22mm, Can Be Customized
Thickness of Centrifugal Glass Wool Felt 25-150mm


  • Ceiling soundproofing
  • Wall sound insulation, insulative materials
  • Pipe insulation thermal blankets
  • Noise-cancelling sound-absorbing blanket


  • Outdoor curtain wall
  • Air conditioning facilities
  • Exhibition Center
  • Venue
  • Refrigerated warehouse
  • Indoor playground
  • Sports venue
Incombustibility UL181
Test Weight(kg/m3)
GB/T 13350-2000 | 10-96
Average Fiber Diameter(um)
GB/T 13350-2000 | 4.0-6.0
Hydrophobicity(%) JISA 9512-2000 | > 98.5
Thermal Conductivity(w/m.k)
GB/T 13350-2000 | 0.045-0.032
Sound Absorption Coefficient GB/J47-83 | 100
Maximum Use Temperature(℃) GB/T 13350-2000 | 410