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Heaterk's fire retardant blankets excel in diverse applications with temperature resistance from 550°C to 1200°C. They swiftly extinguish fires, ensuring safety in kitchens, hotels, labs, and more. Customizable in size, thickness, and packaging, Heaterk b
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- Fire Blanket Specifications - 


Material 100% Fiberglass
Thickness 0.43 mm - 3mm
Size 1*1/ 1.2*1.2/ 1.5*1.5/ 1.2*1.5/ 1.2*1.8/ 1.8*1.8 or custom
Temperature resistant 550 Celsius
Weight 430g/㎡-1600g/㎡
Application kitchen, gas station, hotel, caravan, laboratory, clothing fire
Certificates CE EN 1869:1997 (approved)
Packing 1pc/PVC Bag or PVC Box
Color White or custom


Product Name Fire Blanket
Material 100% Fiberglass Fabric
Color White or Customizable
Thickness 0.43mm-3mm
Function Firefighting and Extinguishing
Specification Size 1m*1m,1m*1.2m,1m*1.5m,1.2m*1.2m,1.2m*1.5m,1.2m*1.8m,1.5m *1.5m,1.5m*1.8m,1.5m*2m,1.8m*1.8 m,1.8m*2 m,2m*2 m ,3m x 3m or custom
Weight 430g/㎡,480g/㎡,600g/㎡,800g/㎡,1000g/㎡,1800g/㎡
Customizable Packaging PVC hard box ,PVC soft bag or custom
Temperature Resistance 1022°F -2192°F OR 550 ℃ -1200 ℃
Standard FM4950,ASTMF 1989,ATEX,NFPA 701,CE (approved)
Application Kitchen, Gas station, Hotel, Caravan, Laboratory, Clothing fire


- Introduction & Product Overview -



fire retardant blankets

Heaterk - High Quality Fire Blanket Manufacturers

Welcome to Heaterk, your trusted source for high-quality fire retardant blankets.
As a leading manufacturer in the industry, Heaterk takes pride in delivering top-tier fire safety solutions tailored to your needs.Our fire blankets are designed with a singular purpose in mind: to protect lives and property by swiftly and effectively extinguishing fires.
Heaterk's fire retardant blankets are the epitome of fire safety and protection. With a relentless commitment to quality, adherence to industry standards, and a product that is designed to extinguish fires swiftly, you can trust Heaterk to safeguard what matters most. Don't wait until disaster strikes; equip yourself with Heaterk fire blankets today and turn off the heat when it matters most.


Key Specifications for Ultimate Safety


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Our fire blankets are crafted from 100% fiberglass fabric, ensuring exceptional durability and flame resistance. When it comes to fire safety, every detail matters, and Heaterk blankets are no exception. With a thickness ranging from 0.43mm to 3mm, these blankets are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, offering protection in the range of 550°C to 1200°C (1022°F - 2192°F).

Certifications and Standards


FM4950, ASTMF 1989, ATEX, NFPA 701 certifications


At Heaterk, we understand the importance of adhering to industry standards and certifications. That's why our fire blankets meet the rigorous requirements of FM4950, ASTMF 1989, ATEX, NFPA 701, and CE. Our EN 1869:1997 certification further reinforces our commitment to providing you with a fire safety solution you can trust.

Versatility Tailored to Your Needs


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Heaterk's fire blankets come in a variety of sizes, from 1m x 1m to 3m x 3m, ensuring that you have the perfect fit for your specific application. Whether it's for your kitchen, gas station, hotel, caravan, laboratory, or clothing fire safety, we've got you covered. Our customizable weight options, ranging from 430g/㎡ to 1800g/㎡, allow you to choose the level of protection that suits your needs.

Exceptional Extinguishing Power


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Our fire blankets are not just ordinary blankets; they are specially designed to extinguish small fires effectively. When a fire breaks out, every second counts. Heaterk's fire blankets cut off the oxygen supply, smothering fires and preventing them from spreading further. They are also ideal for use with welding operations, electric fires, or any situation where fire protection is paramount.


- Versatile Applications & Customizability -


Our Heaterk fire blankets are engineered for versatility, making them the perfect solution across a wide spectrum of industries and applications. Whether it's the bustling kitchen of a restaurant, the fuel-intensive environment of a gas station, the hospitality sector of a hotel, the compact spaces of caravans, the precision workspaces of laboratories, or safeguarding against clothing fires, Heaterk blankets are designed to rise to the occasion. 


Adaptable to Your Unique Needs

Custom Packaging for Added Convenience

Data-Backed Assurance

At Heaterk, we understand that one size does not fit all. That's why we offer a range of sizes, from the compact 1m x 1m to the generous 2m x 2m, ensuring you have the right fit for your specific requirements.

Our blankets are not just about size; they are about choice. You can select the thickness that suits your needs, ranging from 0.43mm to 3mm, allowing you to tailor your fire safety measures to your exact specifications.

Customizability extends beyond size and thickness. We offer customizable packaging options to make your life easier.

Whether you prefer the rugged protection of a PVC hard box or the portability of a PVC soft bag, we've got you covered. This means that your fire blanket is not just an effective safety tool; it's also easy to store and transport.

Our blankets aren't just versatile; they're backed by data that demonstrates their effectiveness. With a temperature resistance ranging from 550°C to 1200°C (1022°F - 2192°F), Heaterk blankets are engineered to handle extreme heat, ensuring your safety in critical situations.

When fires break out, our blankets swiftly cut off the oxygen supply, smothering the flames and providing the crucial seconds needed to escape or take control of the situation.


Heaterk's fire retardant blankets offer unmatched versatility and customizability to meet the diverse needs of your industry. With the power to extinguish small fires swiftly, combined with a range of size, thickness, and packaging options, you can trust Heaterk to provide the ultimate fire safety solution tailored to your unique requirements. Don't compromise on safety—choose Heaterk and equip yourself with the best in fire protection.


- Safety Assurance & Benefits -

When it comes to fire safety, Heaterk takes it to the next level, ensuring you can trust our fire retardant blankets with complete peace of mind. Safety is our utmost priority, and we achieve this through rigorous certifications and industry compliance.


Certifications You Can Rely On


Heaterk's commitment to safety is underscored by our EN 1869:1997 certification. This prestigious approval reflects our dedication to meeting the highest European safety standards, providing you with a fire blanket that has been rigorously tested and proven effective. Our blankets also adhere to international industry standards such as FM4950, ASTMF 1989, ATEX, and NFPA 701, further demonstrating our unwavering commitment to safety and quality.


Unparalleled Benefits


Choosing Heaterk's fire retardant blankets means you are selecting a fire safety solution that offers a multitude of benefits:


Effective Firefighting: Our blankets are not just a passive safety measure; they are designed to actively extinguish fires. When a fire erupts, our blankets swiftly cut off the oxygen supply, smothering the flames and preventing them from spreading further. This quick response can make all the difference in critical situations.


High-Quality Fiberglass Material: Heaterk blankets are crafted from 100% fiberglass fabric, renowned for its exceptional durability and flame resistance. This high-quality material ensures that our blankets can withstand extreme temperatures without compromising their effectiveness.


Suitable for Extreme Temperatures: With a temperature resistance range from 550°C to 1200°C (1022°F - 2192°F), Heaterk's fire blankets excel in the face of intense heat. Whether it's a kitchen fire or an industrial incident, you can trust our blankets to perform flawlessly.


Heaterk's fire retardant blankets not only meet industry standards and certifications but also exceed expectations when it comes to fire safety. With effective firefighting capabilities, high-quality fiberglass material, and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, our blankets provide comprehensive protection you can rely on. When you choose Heaterk, you're choosing safety and peace of mind in the face of fire emergencies.


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Choose Heaterk for Unmatched Fire Protection:


Choose Heaterk for unmatched fire safety. We're your guarantee of safety, quality, and tailored solutions. With certifications like CE EN 1869:1997 and compliance with top industry standards, Heaterk puts your safety above all. Our 100% fiberglass blankets withstand extreme temperatures (550°C to 1200°C) and deliver unwavering quality. From sizes to packaging, we offer tailored solutions for every fire protection need. Trust Heaterk as your fire safety partner.


Ready to elevate your fire safety? Take action now! Whether you're seeking quotes, samples, or bulk pricing, Heaterk is here to assist you. Explore our extensive catalog of top-quality fire blankets that are designed to extinguish small fires swiftly and effectively. Your safety is our priority, and we're just a message away.