PTFE Insulation Adhesive Tape

Item No.: 00170
Width: 10~1000 mm
Thickness:0.08~0.25 mm
Temperature Resistance:-170~300℃
  • Release Paper:
    With release paper
    No release paper
  • Thickness:
  • Width:
  • Adhesive Type:
    Silicone (no residue)
    Acrylic (strong stickiness)
Description Review

Model Adhesive Width(mm) Base Cloth Thickness(mm) Total Thickness(mm) Sticky(N/100) Temperature Resistance
HKPTA708 silicone 100 0.08 0.13 4.3 -170~300℃
HKPTA713 silicone 100 0.13 0.18 5.2 -170~300℃
HKPTA715 silicone 100 0.15 0.2 5.5 -170~300℃
HKPTA725 silicone 100 0.25 0.3 5.8 -170~300℃
HKPTAS708 silicone 600 0.08 0.13 3.5 -170~300℃
HKPTAS713 silicone 100 0.13 0.18 4.2 -170~300℃
HKPTAS715 silicone 100 0.15 0.2 5.2 -170~300℃
HKPTAS725 silicone 100 0.25 0.3 6.0 -170~300℃

ptfe fiberglass adhesive tape

PTFE adhesive tape

Heaters supply tapes, including fiberglass materials covered with Teflon (Teflon) material or a film of transformed Teflon (Teflon) material utilizing a heat-resistant silicone adhesive.

PTFE adhesive tape is made up of fiberglass material covered with PTFE (Teflon) material having heat-resistant silicone adhesive, so it has the stamina of fiberglass and also the warmth resistance, non-sticking, gliding residential or commercial properties of PTFE material sensible residential or commercial properties such as chemical resistance as well as chemical resistance, as well as has excellent abrasion resistance.

Self-adhesive PTFE tape is frequently utilized to fix ripped or used Teflon conveyor belts.

High-Temperature Heat Insulation

Good heat resistance, continuous use  of 300 ℃ temperature, and sticking on the heating wire can play the role of heat insulation and reduce temperature. The upgraded glue formula has muscular bonding strength, and it still has good adherence even on high-temperature surfaces, and it is not easy to tear off the glue residue.

Insulation Flame Retardant

Using tetrafluoroethylene resin (PTFE) as the base material, low dielectric coefficient, and voltage breakdown rate ensure that the tape has good electrical properties. PTFE is also a non-flammable material with excellent flame-retardant properties.

Smooth and Non-stick

The smooth surface has anti-stick properties; it is not easy to adhere to other substances, and it is convenient to attach to various oil stains or attachments on its surface.

Waterproof and Chemical Resistant

PTFE is known for its excellent chemical resistance and can be used in almost any acid and alkali liquids, so it is also nicknamed "the king of plastics." At the same time, the PTFE-coated material is completely waterproof.

Full customization

Whether it is the performance of the tape, the size, or the use of the release paper, it can be customized.

ptfe glass adhesive tape application

Dec 29, 2022
Use it to connect some stove tops together. Fiberglass makes the tape stronger, which is what I needed.
Dec 27, 2022
Due to supply chain issues, our vendor cannot supply a part we need. It's a scraper assembly, that fits in a copy machine fusing unit. The scraper, has a very thin application of teflon tape, and over time will get pitted and cause issues. I remove the old teflon tape, cut to length, and apply, then after install, adjust the gap back to the specific distance. This unit has an operating temperature of 385 degrees. Even after 8 hours of use, it is holding up quite well.
Nov 16, 2022
Sep 28, 2022
There was a problem with the previous supplier, and I temporarily placed an order here, and I was very pleasantly surprised when it arrived. The quality of the tape and the packaging are better than the previous supplier, and the price is nearly half lower.
Sep 01, 2022
Customer feedback said the product is good