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2022.9.9 All Heaterk Staff Celebrate Mid-autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is closely related to the myth of Change flying to the moon.
Mid-autumn Festival
This beautiful folklore has been circulated in China for thousands of years and can be said to be a household name.
The story goes that in ancient times on the land of China, the leader Hou Yi led the people of this tribe to work hard, working at sunrise and resting at sunset, but every summer, ten suns in the sky caused the trees to wither and the seedlings to scorch to death.
Heaterk Mid-Autumn Festival Party
Hou Yi tried every means to create a magical giant bow and long arrow, which shot down for nine days, leaving a sun to shine on all things. After the disaster, the people embraced Hou Yi and respected him as a hero and a great man. Hou Yi's wife, Change, is virtuous and beautiful. They love each other and live happy life. On one occasion, the immortal Hou Yi gave him a pack of elixir while he was hunting and rewarded him for his nine-day shooting. After returning home, hand it over to Change for safekeeping.
Heaterk Mid-Autumn Festival Party
This was known to Hou Yi's apprentice Feng Meng, and Meng Sheng wanted to take it for himself. On the fifteenth day of the eighth month of that year, Fengmeng took the opportunity of Houyi to lead his disciples out for hunting and broke into Houyi's house, coercing Change to hand over the elixir.
Heaterk Mid-Autumn Festival Party
The change had no choice but to swallow the medicine into her mouth. After that, she suddenly became as light as a swallow and rose slowly until it reached the sky. After Change flew to the Heavenly Palace, the Jade Emperor made her a fairy, and she became the master of the lunar star (the moon) and lived in the Guanghan Palace.
Heaterk Mid-Autumn Festival Party
Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival. On this full moon night, the whole family is reunited and happy. Heaterk wishes everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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