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2023, Heaterk's Year-End Recognition Meeting!

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Author : Heaterk
Update time : 2024-02-06 23:17:59

Here at Heaterk, we've been a bit like the world's most dedicated illusionist, seemingly vanishing from the public eye (though we've been fervently updating our tech literature). You might be scratching your heads, wondering, 'What spell have they been under?' Let's lift the veil on the magic.

Our CEO, Eric, has been a modern-day Marco Polo throughout 2023. His passport is now a veritable atlas, bearing the marks of over 30 countries, including the star-spangled U.S., beer-loving Germany, oil-rich Saudi Arabia, the regal U.K., wine-drenched France, and tech-savvy Japan. He's been on a global odyssey, bridging continents and cultures, connecting with clients in a kaleidoscope of industries, and tailoring solutions as diverse and colorful as the places he's visited.

Our CSO, Zoe, is the Wonder Woman of Heaterk, single-handedly serving more than 400 customers this past year. Whether she's wrestling with industry conundrums or untangling procurement puzzles, Zoe has the uncanny ability to turn the most complex problems into streamlined solutions. The word on the street? When it comes to customer service, Zoe's the LeBron James of the business world.

Now, let's roll out the red carpet for our dynamic quartet: Technical Director Mark, QMR Debbie, Marketing Director Arthur, and UI Director Jin. Each has played a role as crucial as a cog in a Swiss watch, helping to shape Heaterk into the well-oiled machine it is today.




But here at Heaterk, we're not all about burning the midnight oil. We also know how to throw a good party and celebrate our team's achievements. Zoe snagged the title of Employee of the Year, along with a bonus that's enough to make even a lottery winner blush - a whopping 100,000 yuan (US$14,000). Zoe's acceptance speech? "I'm as thrilled as a kid in a candy store! I couldn't have done it without our amazing customers. Here's to cracking more codes and solving more puzzles together!"




Mark and Arthur, our intrepid trailblazers in tech and marketing, were crowned as Best Value Employees, their crowning glory coming with a bonus of 70,000 RMB (USD 10,000). Mark's response? "I guess all those caffeine-fueled late nights paid off!" And Arthur? "I'm just warming up! Wait till you see what I have up my sleeve!"



Our fresh faces, Debbie and Jin, scooped up the Best Newcomer Award and a bonus of 20,000 RMB (USD 2,800). Debbie's reaction? "I'm over the moon to be part of Heaterk's journey. Here's to blazing new trails and setting the world on fire!" Jin's response? "It's been a whirlwind of a year. I can't wait to paint the future with our vibrant palette of ideas!"

As we stride into the new year, we're stoking the fires and gearing up for an even bigger and bolder year. We're on the front lines of the fireproof and thermal insulation industry, and our vision is as clear as a summer's day: to provide top-tier solutions for the global insulation field. So, buckle up, because Heaterk is not just heating up, we're on fire!"

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