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What is PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric?

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What is PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric, and How Does It Work?

The Teflon fabric, also known as PTFE fabric, PTFE material or heat seal fabric, is made from glass fibres and coated with PTFE resin. They resist incredibly high temperatures, are highly resistant to electrical shocks, and have excellent chemical resistance.

There are many PTFE fabrics: standard, premium, mechanical, porous, antistatic, wrinkle-resistant, tear-resistant and tear-resistant.

What options are available for PTFE fabric?

7038, 7058, and 7108 Standard Grade PTFE Fabrics are available in various sizes and have chemical resistance.

What are some of the most common uses for standard-grade PTFE fabrics?

  • Heat sealing/packaging machines release surfaces.
  • Baking and food processing
  • Gasket
  • Tunnel curtain that heat shrinks
  • Composite moulding/curing
  • Chemical tank lining

What is Advanced PTFE Fabric 7069?

7069 PTFE fabric offers excellent release and durability even in harsh environments. There are many applications for 7069 PTFE fabric, including reusable pan liners for baking and cooking, laminated partitions, tortilla and pizza crust conveyor chains, heat sealing and other areas where no fabric weave impressions will be required.

What are the benefits of PTFE fabrics made with high quality?

The highest PTFE-substrate ratio

This product is designed for extreme environments, where more excellent release and longer life are crucial.

Excellent electrical and chemical resistance

What are the other types of PTFE cloth?

Mechanical Grade PTFE Fabrics- These fabrics are suitable for various mechanical low-load applications.

Antistatic Grade Fabric PTFE Fabric - Antistatic Grade Fabric PTFE Fabric offers an antistatic surface with conductive capabilities.

Porous Grade PTFE Fabric: Porous grade fabric is made from PTFE with various porosities, including breathing holes and 1/4-inch mesh. This allows gas and air to escape.

Tear- and wrinkle-resistant grade PTFE fabrics - This fabric is tear- and wrinkle-resistant and can withstand heavy usage and resist folding, tearing and wrinkling.

Tech Tip: PTFE-coated fabrics have a smooth, non-porous surface often used to release heat seals and food processing. They are used extensively in gasket manufacturing, heat shrink tunnels, composite moulding/curing, and other areas that require high chemical and heat resistance.

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