Ceramic Reinforced Silicone Fiberglass Fabric

Item No.: 00167
Heaterk ceramic fire-resistant composite tape is made of high-quality ceramic fire-resistant and fire-resistant silicone rubber and fire-resistant glass fibre cloth after calendering and compounding and then precision slitting.
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Description Review

- Performance Parameters -


Density 1.45-1.5 ASTM D792
Tensile Strength 3.5 mpa IEC 60811
Tear Strength 20 KN/M IEC 60811
Volume Resistance 1.15 Ω.cm IEC 60092
Breakdown Voltage 30 km/mm IEC 60060
Smoke Toxicity ZA1 GB/T20285
Flammability Rating V0 UL94
Water Absorption 0.75 ASTM D570

- Ceramic Reinforced Silicone Fabric -



Heaterk fire-resistant composite fabric is made of high-quality ceramic, silicone rubber, and fiber cloth after calendering, compounding, and precision slitting.

It hardens rapidly and forms a hard shell under a high-temperature range or flame conditions of 450℃ or above. This kind of shell plays a perfect role in protecting the insulation layer of the line or cable. It is a new environmental protection material with all-around performance to replace the traditional mica tape.

- Fabric Features -

1. The ceramicist fire-resistant and refractory composite belt can form a hard shell under high temperatures or flame conditions of 450 ° C or above, ensuring the line can remain unblocked in a fire.
2. The fire-resistant ceramicist and the refractory composite belt are flexible and can be wrapped or longitudinally. It is simple and efficient to use and can significantly reduce costs.
3. The ceramicist fire-resistant and refractory composite belt does not absorb moisture or water and does not require pre-drying during use. Shelf life up to two years
4. The ceramicist fire-resistant refractory composite belt is low-smoke and halogen-free, free of sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen, and heavy metals, no melting, no dripping, and is non-toxic and harmless, environmentally friendly new material.
5. Ceramic fire-resistant and refractory composite tape is used for wires and cables, which can be used as a stubborn and insulating layer. The fire resistance level can reach the A-level standard of GB/T12666 and pass the CWZ-level water spray vibration fire resistance test of BS6387.

- Application -

  • Mica tape
  • High-voltage cables
  • New energy vehicles
  • Chemical fire-resistant protective sleeves