Refractory Bulletproof Woven Kevlar Fabric

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Heaterk brings you high-performance Kevlar fabric: unbeatable strength, flame resistance, and durability. Elevate your protection with us. #KevlarFabric #FireSafety
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    Kevlar 29
    Kevlar 49
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Heaterk's Kevlar Fabric: Unparalleled Performance and Versatility

In the realm of high-performance textiles, Kevlar fabric consistently proves its mettle. As a premier choice for bulletproof material and heat resistance applications, Kevlar has solidified its standing in critical safety and defense sectors.
At Heaterk, we specialize in the production and sale of top-tier Kevlar materials, including the sought-after Kevlar 29 and Kevlar 49 varieties. Our kevlar fabrics are intricately woven, guaranteeing durability and maximum protection. Whether you're in the market for bulletproof kevlar sheets, ballistic fabric, or kevlar rolls tailored for personal protection applications including vests, car armor, or cockpit door armor, we've got you covered.
Our bulletproof kevlar material, renowned for being lightweight yet robust, is the backbone of numerous personal protection products. From body armor to heat shields and bullet-resistant panels, our kevlar cloth ensures long-term reliability. Notably, the heat resistance of Kevlar makes it an ideal choice for fireproof jackets, while its ballistic attributes make it perfect for bulletproof fabric clothing. Additionally, those seeking kevlar material for sale will find our comprehensive offerings, spanning from kevlar sheeting to woven kevlar and more.
Trust in Heaterk to provide the finest Kevlar fabrics, meeting rigorous standards set by aramid fiber and carbon fiber technologies. Dive into our diverse range and discover the excellence of Heaterk's Kevlar products today.

Heaterk's Kevlar 29

Superiority by Design

Kevlar 49 by Heaterk

Engineered for Unmatched Protection

Strength and Customization:

Heaterk’s Kevlar 29 fabric stands as an epitome of strength and durability in the realm of bulletproof materials. Tailored to your needs, we offer customization in both length and width. Additionally, our Kevlar materials can integrate glass fiber reinforcement, elevating the fabric's robustness and ensuring its unparalleled performance as bulletproof fabric clothing.


Technological Advancement:

Harnessing advanced coating techniques, we boost our Kevlar 29 fabric's ballistic grade and anti-friction capabilities. This enhancement not only solidifies its reputation as top-tier bulletproof kevlar material but also ensures optimized protection in demanding scenarios. Our kevlar rolls, coated meticulously, set the industry benchmark.


Fire-Retardancy and Bullet Resistance:

Engineered for excellence, Heaterk's Kevlar 29 material is a powerhouse in fire-retardant and bullet-resistant applications. We refine this bulletproof kevlar fabric into high-quality sheets using a multi-layer composite process, enriched with vinyl ester. Demonstrating inherent heat resistance, this woven kevlar makes an ideal raw material for fireproof clothing, offering unparalleled protection in high-temperature environments.


Certified Excellence:

Quality remains our cornerstone. Heaterk’s Kevlar 29 fabric is ISO 15025 - Fire Protection compliant, affirming its superior flame spread limitation. Undergoing rigorous testing, it showcases resistance of up to 8000 abrasion cycles, testifying its long-term durability.

Strength and Adaptability:

Heaterk's Kevlar 49 fabric redefines bulletproof material standards with its unmatched strength and adaptability. Crafted with meticulous care, our kevlar material can be customized to fit diverse requirements, both in length and width. To elevate its resilience, we weave in glass fiber reinforcement, making this woven kevlar a top choice for those seeking unrivaled durability in their kevlar fabric clothing.


Innovation at Its Best:

Our commitment to innovation is evident in the advanced coating techniques we employ. By enhancing our Kevlar 49 fabric's ballistic grade, we optimize its protective capabilities, making it a sought-after bulletproof kevlar material in demanding situations. From bulletproof vests to car armor, its applications are vast and critical.


Heat and Bullet Resistance:

Engineered for performance, Kevlar 49 is a masterclass in heat resistance and bulletproof protection. We transform this ballistic kevlar fabric into high-grade sheets using a multi-layer composite process that includes vinyl ester. These bulletproof kevlar sheets, tailored to withstand the most extreme conditions, are pivotal in personal protection applications, including heat shields and body armor. With its innate flame resistance, it stands out as a premier material for fireproof clothing, assuring safety in high-temperature scenarios.


Certified Excellence:

Quality assurance is paramount at Heaterk. Meeting the rigorous standards set by ISO and ASTM, our Kevlar 49 fabric is recognized for its exceptional fire protection and longevity. Tested for up to 8000 abrasion cycles, it champions durability, making it an investment for the long term.


Choose Excellence with Heaterk:

Experience the unmatched performance and versatility of Heaterk's Kevlar fabric. Whether you require bulletproof applications, fire-resistant solutions, or any other demanding scenario, our Kevlar fabric will rise to the occasion. Partner with us today and unlock a new level of safety and confidence .
Please contact us now to discuss  your specific needs, and let us give you the highest quality Kevlar fabric available in the market. At Heaterk, we are dedicated to securing your success through exceptional products and outstanding service.

Data Sheet
Material Kevlar+Fiberglass
Temperature Resistance 550°C
Weight 179.7 g/m2 (5.3 oz/sq yd)
Thickness 0.279mm(0.011inch)
Color Yellow/Black
3.6 GPa
Modulus of Elongation
131 GPa
Elongation at Break
Thermal Conductivity
0.048 W(m·K)
Parameter Kevlar 29 Kevlar 49
Type Industrial grade High modulus
Tensile Strength (GPa) 3.6 4.1
Tensile Modulus (GPa) 83 131
Elongation at Break (%) 3.6 2.8
Density (g/cm³) 1.44 1.45
Melting point (°C) Decomposes before melting Decomposes before melting
Thermal Conductivity (W/m·K) 0.04 0.04
Limiting Oxygen Index (%) >28 >28
Decomposition Temperature (°C) 500 500
Specific Gravity 1.44 1.45
Moisture Absorption (%) 3.5 3.5

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  • Fireproof Clothes, Fireproof Blankets, ballistic kevlar fabric
  • Tires, bulletproof vests
  • Aircraft, spacecraft, sporting goods
  • Conveyor belts, high strength ropes, construction and automobiles.
  • bulletproof fabric
  • bulletproof material


  • Fire protection
  • Wind power industry
  • Shipbuilding industry
  • sports industry
  • Transportation industry
  • Medical device industry
  • Textile machinery industry
  • Industrial machinery industry
  • music equipment industry
  • photography equipment industry
  • Construction industry

Kevlar 29 by Heaterk

A Pinnacle in Protective Fabrication

Unmatched Strength and Durability:

Heaterk's Kevlar 29 material stands as a testament to ultra-high strength and durability. This kevlar fabric is engineered for high wear, tear, and abrasion resistance, making it an ideal bulletproof material for numerous applications. Our woven kevlar ensures that bulletproof kevlar fabric clothing not only provides unparalleled protection but also lasts, thanks to its long life cycle.


Resilient Against Extremes:

For those seeking heat resistance, Kevlar 29 is your answer. Its permanent heat resistance and flame retardancy are unmatched, with a limiting oxygen index Li surpassing 28. Moreover, its high-temperature acid and alkali resistance make it perfect for the most challenging environments, from heat shields to car armor.


Safety First and Always:

Safety is our utmost priority. Our Kevlar 29 kevlar material is designed to ensure maximum protection in case of fire. Unlike other materials, it doesn't produce molten droplets or toxic gases. Instead, the cloth surface thickens upon burning, enhancing its sealing performance without breaking. This feature makes Kevlar 29 an indispensable asset for personal protection applications, particularly in ballistic kevlar fabric clothing and body armor.


Why Choose Heaterk's Kevlar 29:

In the realm of bulletproof kevlar materials, Heaterk's Kevlar 29 stands unparalleled. Its lightweight, insulating properties combined with anti-aging features ensure that you're investing in a product designed for the long term. Whether you're considering bulletproof vests, heat shields , or other personal protective equipment, trust in Heaterk's expertise.

Kevlar 49

The Ultimate Protective Fabric by Heaterk

Superior Strength and Resistance:

Heaterk's Kevlar 49 is a kevlar material designed for ultra-high strength and high modulus applications. Recognized as a premium bulletproof material, this kevlar fabric bulletproof is not just about protection against ballistic threats. Its resistance to high-temperature acid and alkali ensures it stands Resilient in even the most demanding conditions, making it an exceptional bulletproof fabric for clothing and personal protection applications.


Lightweight and Durable:

Weighing significantly less than traditional materials, Kevlar 49 boasts a lightweight construction without compromising its strength. This woven kevlar is insulating and demonstrates a remarkable resistance to wear and tear. Furthermore, it showcases anti-aging properties, guaranteeing a long life cycle, ensuring long -term reliability in bullet-resistant vests, car armor, and other ballistic applications.


Fireproof and Safe:

Safety is paramount with Kevlar 49. Exhibiting permanent heat resistance and flame retardancy, this kevlar material ensures it remains fireproof even under extreme conditions. The limiting oxygen index, greater than 28, further underscores its fire-resistant properties. In the event of a blaze , this kevlar fabric thickens on the surface, sealing effectively and ensuring no molten droplets or toxic gases emerge. Such unique characteristics make it ideal for heat shields and other high-temperature applications.