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Advantages and Disadvantages of Fire Blankets

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Fire blankets are superb for regulating early fires and protecting people from them. Yet, fire blanket limitations not suitable to put out the fires currently spreading.


The functioning concept of fire blankets is straightforward: prolong tiny fires and make them except oxygen supply. As a layer of fire retardant, they need to be non-flammable fire retardant material and offer as much obstacle to warmth and oxygen as feasible. Modern industrial non flammable blankets will undoubtedly include a fiberglass layer for this function. The covering will certainly be developed to stop fiberglass from entering into call with the skin.


The fire blanket should be mounted on the wall surface near (yet not straight over) the location where it might be required. NFPA codes and criteria mention that fire safety equipment ought to be positioned within 30 feet of food preparation devices, and it is also suitable to place fire blankets within this array. Fire blankets typically include a safety cover that recognizes and advises the individual on how to get rid of the covering.


What is a Fire Blanket?


A fire blanket is a crucial fire safety tool designed to extinguish small fires effectively and prevent their spread. Made from fire-resistant materials like silicone-coated fiberglass or high silica fabrics, it is used to smother flames by cutting off their oxygen supply. Fire blankets adhere to strict safety standards and are an essential addition to any fire safety plan, complementing portable fire extinguishers.


They are user-friendly, making them suitable for quick response in case of emergencies, and can be placed in strategic locations like kitchens, workshops, and areas with flammable materials. In critical situations, a fire blanket can be the difference between containing a fire or allowing it to escalate into a dangerous situation.

Benefits of Fire Blankets

Advantages of fire blankets

They can be utilized for personal defense.


If an individual's hair or apparel ignites, covering them in a fire blanket can be a vital part of the "decline, roll, and quit" method, developed to decrease injuries and burns. According to the NFPA, coverings are beneficial if the individual can stagnate swiftly due to age, clinical problems, or physical restrictions.

In a comparable scenario, airing vent a fire extinguisher around an individual's face can trigger extreme lung inflammation, which can aggravate issues brought on by breathing in smoke.

If a fire leaves control and fires border you, coverings might also help secure you and the individuals you are booking if you need to go to close-by locations subjected to fires.


Fire blankets can address several sorts of fires in the early days, explicitly cooking fires.


Food preparation fires generally begin with a relative percentage of oil in a container such as a pot or frying pan. Individuals are frequently unwilling to utilize fire extinguishers due to the cleaning job and the cost included. Course K fire extinguishers are required for "fires entailing combustible food preparation media (veggie or pet fats)." Sometimes, individuals sprinkled or put water on oil fires, with disastrous repercussions.

A cover or frying pan over the fire in the container is the ideal concept - if succeeded, it will undoubtedly produce a fire. It can be dangerous because you might need more security versus the fires when you place this cover on it.

Making use of a non flammable blanket can minimize this danger. It would help if you promptly put the non flammable blanket over the fire without tossing it or fanning the fire.

Individuals who have trouble utilizing a fire extinguisher can use a fire blanket.


If maximum body stamina is a concern, fire fighting blankets in dimensions like the 60" x 78" Fire Blanket are simple, as they commonly consider no greater than 2 to 3 extra pounds.


Some individuals fret about what to anticipate when using a fire extinguisher and wonder about the various sorts of fire extinguishers offered; they might need to recognize which one to release. At the same time, these concerns can and ought to be resolved with training; if the fire is tiny sufficient, using an industrial fire blanket might be a different instant choice.


Fire Blanket Function


The function of a fire blanket is straightforward. In the case of a fire, the first step is to turn off the heat source, if possible, and call the fire brigade if necessary. If the fire is small, inexperienced individuals may prefer a fire fighting blanket instead of a fire extinguisher.


To extinguish a fire with a fire blanket, it is essential to remember the "stop, drop, and roll" technique. This means that one should quickly wrap the blanket around themselves before dropping to the ground and rolling back and forth, completely covering themselves with the blanket to smother the flames.


When using a fire blanket to put out a small fire, it is essential to cut off the oxygen supply by wrapping the blanket over the fire. This will deprive the fire of the oxygen it needs to continue burning. Once the veil has smothered the fire, leaving the covering in place for some time is essential to ensure the fire has been completely extinguished.


When removing the blanket, it is essential to do so carefully, not to burn oneself. The veil should be removed slowly, pulling it away from the fire. If the fire is not entirely out, the blanket can be reapplied until the fire has been completely extinguished.


When Would You Use A Fire Blanket?


A fire blanket is essential in fire safety, especially in cases where pan-fires or clothing catch fire. It is made of fire-resistant and flame-retardant materials, designed to extinguish small fires and prevent the spread of flames.


When confronted with a fire, the first step is to turn off the heat source and, if available, activate the fire extinguisher. However, using a fire blanket can be highly effective when the fire is small and manageable. The blanket smothers the flames, depriving them of oxygen and preventing their spread. 


This method is beneficial when dealing with a person whose clothing has caught fire, as the fire blanket can be quickly wrapped around them, followed by the crucial "stop, drop, and roll" technique. Fire blankets are designed to meet specific safety standards, such as EN 1869, ensuring reliability and effectiveness. While they may not be suitable for larger fires, having a nfpa fire blanket as part of your fire protection equipment can provide an added layer of safety and peace of mind in emergencies. 


Please remember it is essential to stay calm and act quickly in the case of a fire, using the right tools and techniques to ensure the safety of yourself and others.


Negative aspects as well as safety measures of fire blankets


Disadvantages of fire blankets


They are nonreusable products.


Fire extinguishers have to be changed or reenergized after each usage, and fire blankets should constantly be changed after use in a fire, even if they seem undamaged.


Fire blanket for producing small fires


Whether it is a fire at the dining table or in the kitchen, the place where the fire blanket can work best is only a tiny flame or the initial stage of the fire, and when using a fire blanket, you need to be close to the fire source, which will lead to certain dangers.

If the fire is high over the resource or dispersing, this might be challenging to do securely.

Fire blankets are not risk-free to make use of in more extensive fires.


Fire blankets can not be released adequately if a fire starts. If the fire is substantial, it's not an excellent suggestion to use a fire blanket to smother it unless the individual security procedures are stated.


Fire blankets likewise call for some training.


Without a proper safety plan, it's simple to worry when coming close to a fire, creating you to go down or toss your covering. For all these factors, releasing fire blankets must consist of training on how and when to utilize them, just like you would certainly with a fire extinguisher.

Fire blankets and fire extinguishers are among the everyday items to care for fires. Nevertheless, you still must select various fire snuffing-out devices according to different scenarios.

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