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How to Choose the Right Fireproof Fabric?

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Update time : 2022-11-28 15:37:43

As the demand for flame retardant fabric has risen recently, many buyers who need help understanding this industry have gradually entered this field. Due to novices' ignorance of the industry, many cases of ineffective communication and being deceived have occurred.

flame retardant fabric

Heaterk specially published an article to guide buyers to choose the products that suit them to save time and money and serve as a reference for future buyers.

1. The types of commonly used fireproof base fabrics, and the introduction of fire resistance


Ordinary fiberglass fabric
Ordinary Fiberglass Fabric
Alkali-free fire-resistant fabric: the most common glass fiber cloth on the market, white, with good insulation, long-term temperature resistance of 300°C and softening point of 500-750°C, above 300°C for long-term use is prone to embrittlement, not suitable for the acid environment
Medium-alkali fire retardant fabric: the insulation is poor, the strength is 10~20% lower than non-alkali, and the price is lower than non-alkali.


Expanded Fiberglass Fabric
It is obtained by weaving fiberglass yarn through puffing treatment.
The expanded fabric has better air permeability; filterability is thicker than ordinary fiberglass cloth and can cover thicker coating. A wide range is used in metallurgy, lime kiln, thermal power dust filtration, etc.
Expanded fiberglass fabric

Steel Wire Reinforced Fiberglass Fabric

Steel wire is entrained in the fiberglass fabric weaving process.
It can solve the toughness problem of glass fiber used above 300°C, strengthen the whole, and prolong the service life of glass fiber cloth.
They are widely used in the exhaust, ventilation, waste gas treatment, etc.

High Silica Fabric

Silica fabrics are generally high-purity high-temperature resistant cloth woven from silica fibers with a silica content of 96%.
High Silica Fiberglass Fabric is generally white and yellow. It can withstand the temperature of 1000 ℃ for a long time and 1200 ℃ for a short time, and the softening point is about 1700 ℃. It is also a kind of abrasion-resistant material.
The price is slightly higher and is often used in metal solution filtration, metals processing, power generation, and rocket-special high-temperature scenarios.
High Silica Fabric


2. What is silicone fabric, and why is silicone fabric fireproof


Silicone coated fabric


Silicone-coated fabric is produced using glass fiber cloth as the base cloth, coated or calendered with silicone rubber and other materials. It is non-combustible, so silicone coated cloth fabrics can fire.

3. Why should the base fabric be coated, and what are the primary coatings?


The base fabric is not wear-resistant or resistant to folding, and it is easy to scatter when cutting and will cause itching to the human body. The coating can eliminate the above shortcomings and, at the same time, obtain the properties of the coating material, such as water resistance, oil resistance, and anti-corrosion so that it is suitable for more Application scenarios.


They are commonly Used Coating Material Performance Comparison Table
  Weather Resistance Wear Resistance Waterproof Oil Resistance Corrosion Resistance Temperature Resistance Flame Retardant Price
Silicone Rubber     Good    Generally     Good    Generally     Good 250°C     Good Fair
Polyurethane (PU)    Generally    Generally     Good    Generally     Good 180°C     Good Fair
PTFE      Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent 300°C     Good Expensive
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)    Generally    Generally     Good    Generally    Generally 60°C     Good Cheap
Polyacrylate    Generally Weak    Generally    Generally Weak 150°C     Good Cheap
Neoprene    Generally    Generally    Generally    Generally    Generally 120°C     Good Expensive
EPDM    Generally    Generally     Good     Good     Good 120°C    Generally Expensive
Hypalon      Excellent    Generally     Good    Generally Excellent 120°C    Generally Expensive.


Aluminum Foil Fabric
Aluminum Foil Fabric
As a commonly used cloth on the market, aluminum foil cloth has impermeability characteristics, high reflectivity, and a high shielding rate, but it is bonded with glue.
The aluminum foil is fragile, so it is easy to fall off in case of fire, and the aluminum film is easy to be burned through. It can only be flame retardant and is often used as an outer coating material. Not strictly fire-resistant coated cloth.

4. Heaterk classic case and material recommendation

Smoke Curtain Solution
Retractable Smoke Screen Fixed Smoke Screen
Retractable Smoke Screen Fixed Smoke Screen
Shopping Malls, Office Buildings Underground Parking Lot
The product can be folded multiple times and has a certain degree of toughness. It can block the fire and stop the smoke efficiently before the fire brigade arrives.  The terrain is low, the smoke-blocking performance is excellent, and it has a specific moisture-proof ability. It is easy to cut and cut during the construction process. 
Silicone fabric + Steel wire reinforced silicone fiberglass fabric higher higher Higher thickness silicone coated fabric.


Partition Solution
Metal Splash Fire Curtain Smelting Kiln Protective Curtain
Metal Splash Fire Curtain Smelting Kiln Protective Curtain
Construction Unit, Factory Processing Metal Processing, and Smelting
It has flame retardant ability, flame puncture resistance, has several certificates, and meets European and North American fire retardant test standards.  It can withstand a temperature of 300-600°C and has air permeability, which can filter sulfur-containing dust. 
Silicone fabric or PU fabric high High silica fabric or coated bulky fabric

Of course, there are many other cases, including but not limited to fire blankets, welding blankets, heat insulation covers, sound-absorbing blankets, etc.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service.

4. FAQ About Fireproof Fabrics


1. What is the difference between flame retardant and fire prevention


    Answer: The simple understanding is that flame retardant can isolate small fires, and cigarette butts will not burn when they fall on the ground. Fire prevention means separating space. The fire is burning below, and the fire cannot be seen above.


2. Is the silicone cloth fireproof? The thicker, the better.


    Answer: The thicker the substrate, the greater the mass per unit area, and the better the fire protection effect; the more comprehensive the coating, the better the flame retardancy, but the fire resistance may not be enhanced


3. How do you prove the fire resistance of your products


    Answer: The products we are producing can provide relevant test reports for buyers all year round

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