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What are the Functions of Fire Blankets?

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Update time : 2023-12-25 18:48:46

Fire safety is an essential aspect of maintaining a secure environment, whether at home or in the workplace. Among various fire safety tools, fire blankets hold a significant position. They are not only fire retardants but can also smother small fires quickly and effectively, often more conveniently than traditional fire extinguishers. 

Heaterk will delve into the role of fire blankets in extinguishing fires caused by flammable liquids, grease fires, and those that catch fire from ordinary combustible materials.


extinguish small fire


Fire blankets, typically made from flame-retardant material, are designed to smother fires by cutting off the oxygen supply. They can be particularly useful when a grease fire occurs, a situation where using water could make the fire worse. In fact, a study shows that a fire blanket can extinguish a fire in cooking oils within 15 seconds, while a dry chemical extinguisher may take up to 30 seconds.

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Moreover, fire blankets can also be crucial in welding safety. Coated fire blankets are designed to withstand temperatures up to 540°C, providing an effective shield against the sparks and molten metal produced during welding operations. 

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In the context of a home fire, having a fire blanket as part of your fire escape plan can be a lifesaver. It can protect you from flames as you make your way out, especially if you don't have a working smoke alarm. 


Lightweight Fire Blanket


Lightweight Fire Blanket


When it comes to fire safety in the kitchen, a lightweight fire blanket made from 100% fiberglass is a must-have tool. This type of fire blanket is specifically designed to handle the unique fire hazards that can occur in both residential and commercial kitchens. 

One of the main functions of a lightweight fire blanket is to smother small fires that can catch during cooking. Imagine you're frying food and suddenly, the cooking oils ignite, causing a grease fire. Instead of panicking and potentially making the fire worse by throwing water on it, you can quickly and safely smother the fire with a fire blanket. 

The fiberglass material of these fire blankets is highly fire retardant. It's designed to withstand temperatures up to 500°C, making it effective against high-heat cooking fires. This technical parameter makes it an ideal solution for kitchen fire safety, as it can control fires that traditional fire extinguishers might struggle with.

Moreover, these blankets play a crucial role in preventing the spread of fires in kitchens. When a fire breaks out, every second counts. The quick deployment of a fire blanket can contain the fire within a small area, preventing it from spreading to other flammable materials in the kitchen.

In conclusion, a lightweight fire blanket serves as a first line of defense in kitchen fire emergencies. It's not just a tool, but an essential part of your kitchen's fire safety plan. It's always better to be prepared, and having a fire blanket within arm's reach could be the difference between a minor incident and a major disaster.


Heavy-Duty Fire Blanket (Welding Blanket)


Heavy-Duty Fire Blanket


Heavy-duty fire blankets, often referred to as welding blankets, are indispensable tools in various high-risk environments.

These blankets typically consist of a base fabric, such as fiberglass, high silica, or ceramic fabric, coated with silicone, acrylic, or vermiculite. Each combination offers unique fire retardant properties, making these blankets versatile in their applications.


In industrial production settings like steel plants, power plants, and chemical plants, these blankets are crucial. They can withstand extreme temperatures, with some variants tolerating up to 1650°C. This makes them ideal for high-temperature workplaces, where they prevent fire spread and protect both equipment and personnel.


Specifically, in welding operations, the fire blankets serve to isolate sparks and spattered metal particles. The high silica fabric option, for example, can resist continuous temperatures of 1000°C, effectively preventing fire spread during welding and processes. This cutting contributes significantly to welding safety, offering an additional layer of protection against potential fire hazards.


Moreover, these heavy-duty fire blankets also find their use in the aerospace industry. The ceramic fabric coated with vermiculite, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1260°C, protects spacecraft from high-temperature damage during re-entry. This is a testament to the fire blanket's robustness and reliability.


In the automotive sector, these blankets have applications in the engine compartment to prevent fire spread. A silicone-coated fiberglass fabric, which can resist temperatures up to 260°C, can effectively smother small fires before they catch and spread, enhancing automotive fire safety.


Heavy-duty fire blankets are versatile, robust, and an integral part of fire safety in various high-risk environments. Their ability to withstand high temperatures and prevent fire spread makes them a reliable choice for industries where the stakes are high. Always remember, that a proactive approach to fire safety can save lives and valuable resources.


Fire blankets, whether lightweight or heavy-duty, play an invaluable role in fire safety. Their unique qualities and functions make them a critical tool in the prevention and control of fires, saving lives, and protecting valuable assets.

Lightweight fire blankets, made from 100% fiberglass, are ideal for kitchen environments. They are effective in smothering small fires, particularly grease fires, that can occur during cooking. They also serve a crucial role in preventing the spread of fires and enhancing the overall safety of residential and commercial kitchens.

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On the other hand, heavy-duty fire blankets, or welding blankets are designed for more demanding scenarios. With various coating and base fabric options, they can withstand extreme temperatures, making them invaluable in industrial production, welding operations, aerospace, and automotive fire protection.

Understanding the appropriate fire blanket for specific scenarios is of utmost importance. Selecting the right fire blanket, based on the material, coating, and technical parameters, can make the difference between effective fire control and a potential disaster.

Fire safety should be a top priority for both individuals and industries. Fire blankets, being versatile and effective, should be an integral part of any fire safety plan. So, whether you're cooking at home or working in a high-temperature industrial environment, remember to have a fire blanket within arm's reach. It's a small step that could have a significant impact on your safety and those around you.

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